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ISO Standard China Factory Hdpe Water Supply Pipe

February 15, 2023
Connection of pipes:
1. Electrothermal fusion: A special electric fusion welding machine is used to connect the straight pipe to the straight pipe, and the straight pipe to the pipe fittings. Generally used for pipes below 160mm.
2. Hot-melt butt connection: use a special butt welding machine to connect the pipes, which are generally used for pipes above 160mm.
3. Steel-plastic connection: It can be connected by flange, screw thread and other methods.
In order to facilitate construction and ensure construction quality, corresponding tools should also be prepared.
Such as: rotary cutter - cutting pipes; rotary scraper - scraping off the oxide skin on the surface of the pipe; wall scraper - scraping off the scale on the surface of large-diameter pipes; gas cutting tool - realizing gas cutting on-site operation.