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Compared with ordinary PE pipes, HDPE pipes have many performance advantages!

April 24, 2023

Latest company news about Compared with ordinary PE pipes, HDPE pipes have many performance advantages!

1. The strength of HDPE pipe is higher
The PE resin used in HDPE pipes is 9 times stronger than the PE resin used in ordinary PE pipes, and has good mechanical properties and large molecular weight.

2. The wear resistance of HDPE pipe is stronger
The larger the molecular weight, the stronger the wear resistance. Therefore, the wear resistance of HDPE pipes is much higher than other plastics, even higher than many metal materials.

3. The scope of application of HDPE pipe is wider
HDPE pipes are mainly used in municipal water supply, indoor and outdoor water supply, factory water supply, water treatment engineering pipelines, etc. Also used in gardens, agriculture and forestry irrigation and industrial water.
The medium-density PE pipe can only be used for gas transportation, such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, etc.
The melting point of HDPE pipe is 130°, and the service temperature can be as high as 100°. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance. In addition, the chemical and physical properties of HDPE are very stable. High-density polyethylene is insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature, and is resistant to alkali, acid and salt.
In terms of physical properties, HDPE has good wear resistance and heat resistance, and excellent electrical insulation. In addition, the tensile strength, hardness, and creep properties are all better than those of low-density polyethylene.
But HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is not without disadvantages. It is not as good as low-density polyethylene in terms of aging resistance and environmental cracking resistance. Thermal oxidation will also weaken its performance, and its heat distortion temperature is low. Antioxidants need to be added To improve this deficiency.

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