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Do you know how to operate hot melt butt joint?

January 9, 2023

Latest company news about Do you know how to operate hot melt butt joint?

Hot-melt connection refers to the use of polyethylene pipes and pipe fittings that can be connected by hot-melting, and the strength of the connection can exceed the body strength of the pipes and fittings. This connection is possible with pipes of polyolefin material, with outstanding advantages.
1. Butt-type hot melt connection
The butt-type hot-melt connection method is generally used for pipes with a diameter of 63MM or more.
The butt-type hot-melt connection is to heat two pipes or a pipe and a butt-type HDPE pipe fitting with a butt machine through a heating plate, and then butt-weld as a whole, and it can be fixed after cooling. Before welding, make sure that two HDPE water supply pipes or one pipe and HDPE butt fittings are kept in a straight line, and the pipe section should be flat.
2. Socket type hot melt connection
The socket-type hot melt connection is suitable for pipes and fittings with relatively small diameters (generally below DN63mm), because the pipes and fittings with small diameters have thin walls and small cross-sections, and it is difficult to ensure quality by using butt joints.
The socket-type hot-melt heat capacity connection of HDPE pipe uses a small hot-melt device to heat the pipe end and the socket-and-socket pipe at the same time. After melting, insert the HDPE pipe into the pipe fitting, press the two parts that need to be connected, and keep it cool. It can be fixed.

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