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Do you know the characteristics and application of PE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe?

February 13, 2023

Latest company news about Do you know the characteristics and application of PE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe?

  The PE steel mesh skeleton pipe uses the plastic steel mesh skeleton as the skeleton reinforcement of the polyethylene plastic pipe, uses high-density polyethylene as the matrix, and uses high-performance HDPE modified bonding resin to bond the steel mesh skeleton with the inner and outer layers of high-density polyethylene. Tightly combined together, it has an excellent composite effect, and has the respective advantages of steel pipes and plastic pipes.


  Compared with steel pipe, it is lighter in weight and stronger in corrosion resistance, which is convenient for transportation and installation; PE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe adopts electric fusion connection, which is simple and fast in construction, and the joint does not leak; the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, and the frictional resistance of water flow is small , strong water delivery capacity and low energy consumption; because it is made of steel mesh skeleton and polyethylene plastic, it has certain flexibility and pressure resistance, and has higher bearing strength and creep resistance. Variable performance; since the steel mesh skeleton is covered in polyethylene plastic and 

isolated from the outside world, the service life is as long as 50 years under normal use.


  The PE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe adopts electrofusion connection and flange connection. Before the connection, the pipe connection must be cleaned and welded according to the parameters of the electric fusion. When the ambient temperature is not suitable for the pipe connection, it should be adopted corresponding protective measures. When finishing work each time, the nozzle should be temporarily blocked.

It is precisely because of these excellent properties that PE steel mesh skeleton pipes are widely used in various fields:

1. Municipal engineering: urban building water supply, drinking water, fire water, heating network return water, gas. Expressway buried drainage channels, green belt irrigation water pipes.

2. Oil and gas fields: oily sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture.

3. Chemical industry: acid-base salt manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, rubber and plastic industries, such as process pipes and discharge pipes for conveying corrosive gases, liquids, and fixed powders.

4. Electric power engineering: process water, return water, water supply, fire water, dust removal, waste residue and other pipelines.

5. Seawater transportation: Seawater transportation for seawater factories, seaside power plants, and seaports.

6. Agricultural sprinkler irrigation: deep wells, water filter pipes, underdrain pipes, drainage pipes, irrigation pipes.

7. Metallurgical mines: Mine underground water discharge, corrosive medium transportation and slurry, tailings, ventilation pipes and process pipes in non-ferrous metal smelting.

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