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Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600

10 Meter/Meters
Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600
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Brand Name: HAIYANG
Model Number: HM04005
Specification: 20-800mm,or As Custom
Color: Black Or As Custom
Usage: HDPE Pipe Connector
Raw Material: PE100
Size: Customized Size
MOQ: 1 Piece
Sample: Provide Samples
Advantage: High Performance
Occasion: House Service,water Mains,irrigation,various
High Light:

Wellbore HDPE Pipe Fittings


DN200 HDPE Pipe Fittings


Wellbore Corrugated Pipe Fittings

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 6m or 12m per piece
Supply Ability: 5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
Product Description

HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe Fittings 90 Degree Elbow 45 PE Elbow Plastic Inspection Well Sewage Pipe Joint Wellbore



Basic Info.


Polyethylene plastic steel spiral wound pipe (SRWPE) is made of steel-plastic composite special-shaped strip through spiral winding welding (extrusion welding on the lap surface), and its inner wall is smooth and flat, and the specification is DN200-DN2600mm. This kind of pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, easy installation, large flow rate, long life (50 years), etc. It can replace pipes made of high energy consumption materials (cement, cast iron, glass steel pipe, ceramics, etc.), and is environmentally friendly and green product.


Outer Diameter
DN (mm)
SDR 11
SDR 13.6
SDR 17
  Wall Thick Ness(mm)
20 2.3 2.3        
25 3 2.3 2.3      
32 3.6 3 2.4      
40 4.5 3.7 3 2.4    
50 5.6 4.6 3.7 3    
63 7.1 5.8 4.7 3.8    
75 8.4 6.8 5.6 4.5    
90 10.1 8.2 6.7 5.4 4.3  
110 12.3 10 8.1 6.6 5.3 4.2
125 14 11.4 9.2 7.4 6 4.8
140 15.7 12.7 10.3 8.3 6.7 5.4
160 17.9 14.6 11.8 9.5 7.7 6.2
180 20.1 16.4 13.3 10.7 8.6 6.9
200 22.4 18.2 14.7 11.9 9.6 7.7
225 25.2 20.5 16.6 13.4 10.8 8.6
250 27.9 22.7 18.4 14.8 11.9 9.6
280 31.3 25.4 20.6 16.6 13.4 10.7
315 35.2 28.6 23.2 18.7 15 12.1
355 39.7 32.2 26.1 21.1 16.9 13.6
400 44.7 36.3 29.4 23.7 19.1 15.3
450 50.3 40.9 33.1 26.7 21.5 17.2
500 55.8 45.4 36.8 29.7 23.9 19.1
560 62.5 50.8 41.2 33.2 26.7 21.4
630 70.3 57.2 46.3 37.4 30 24.1
710   64.5 52.2 42.1 33.9 27.2
800   72.7 58.8 47.4 38.1 30.6
900   81.8 66.2 53.3 42.9 34.4
1000   90.2 72.5 59.3 47.7 38.2
1200     88.2 67.9 57.2 45.9
1400     102.9 82.4 66.7 53.5
1500     110.2 88.2 71.4 57.6
1600     117.6 94.1 76.2



Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 0




Light weight, safe and convenient, good sealing performance, low construction cost
Due to the higher stiffness-to-weight ratio of the plastic-steel wound pipe, its weight is lighter than any kind of pure plastic pipe with the same ring stiffness.
Safe and reliable ring stiffness
Because the elastic modulus ratio of the two materials of steel and plastic is greater than 200 and the weight ratio is greater than 7.85, compared with pure plastic pipes, the reinforcement of steel belts is very easy to make pipes (especially large diameter pipes) have enough safe and reliable ring stiffness and relative Higher stiffness to weight ratio.
Strong ability to resist abnormal sudden load
Due to the high rigidity of the pipe ring and good axial flexibility, when uneven soil settlement, groundwater floating, local ground load is too large, sudden loads and disasters such as earthquakes, the pipe can be resolved through elastic deformation.
The generated stress prevents leakage or damage of pipe joints due to excessive stress and deformation.
The black high-density polyethylene (PE) pipe has passed the inspection of the relevant health department and is allowed to be used.
Smooth inner surface
The smooth inner surface of the polyethylene (PE) pipe will minimize the energy loss caused by friction, and it is not easy to produce deposits in the pipe. The flow resistance is 20-30% lower than that of the cement pipe. The inner wall of the polyethylene (PE) pipe is smooth, and the friction coefficient is small, and the sediment is not easy to accumulate in the pipe, and the friction resistance is almost unchanged after long-term use.
Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long life
The corrosion resistance of polyethylene (PE) pipelines enables the pipelines to be used to transport corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalis, and can be installed in corrosive environments such as swamps and dampness. See ESO/TR 10358 standard for their chemical resistance.
The life of high-density polyethylene (PE) pipes is more than 4 times longer than that of steel pipes. The installation of polyethylene (PE) pipes can be heated, melted and welded, so that the strength of the joints can be guaranteed and leakage can be avoided.
The service life of high-density polyethylene (PE) pipes can be as long as 50 years.
Flexibility, no leakage, impact resistance
The good flexibility of polyethylene (PE) pipes allows the pipes to be easily placed along the topography of the pipe trench, easy to avoid obstacles in the laying process, and to adapt to soil settlement in swamp areas and soft soil areas.
No leakage (electrofusion welding, butt welding) connection, sealing performance and environmental protection performance, these two sealing connection methods can be manually operated with simple tools, no machinery, very simple and fast, and reliable and non-leakage
Polyethylene (PE) pipe has high impact resistance, so it will not be broken or damaged during installation and transportation.
Polyethylene (PE) pipe raw materials contain UV-resistant carbon black stabilizer, so it can be placed outdoors or used outdoors for a long time without worrying about changes in pipe performance.




 Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 1     Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 2


Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 3     Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 4





Urban tap water pipe network system;

Urban and rural drinking water pipelines;

Agricultural irrigation pipes;

Mine mortar conveying pipeline;

Protective sleeves for post and telecommunications lines and power wires;

Material and liquid transportation pipelines in chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, light industry, papermaking, metallurgical and other industries.




Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 5

Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 6

Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 7


Company Profile


High Mountain Pipe is a specialized enterprise that produces anticorrosive plastic (pp, frpp, pe, hdpe, pvdf, pph, upvc, cpvc, abs) pipes, fittings, plates, and valves. The company's pipe production diameter is up to 1200mm, and the plate production width is up to 2000mm, and the length is unlimited. In 2006, the company passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety system certification, CMMI certification, and IEC27001 information security system certification.


The company adheres to the tenet of "integrity-based, technological innovation, quality assurance, and customer first", and continuously introduces and absorbs advanced plastic production technology and equipment from well-known domestic and foreign companies to produce and sell antistatic polyethylene pipes and glass fiber reinforced polypropylene pipes. , Pp pipe, pe pipe, pp board, pp air pipe, frpp pipe, pph pipe, pvdf pipe, hdpe pipe, pph pipe, upvc pipe, cpvc pipe, pp storage tank and other chemical anticorrosive products. The company's products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, smelting, mining, chemical fiber, water supply and drainage, coal mines, water conservancy dredging, sewage treatment and other fields, and are well received by users.


Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 8     Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 9


Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 10      Corrugated Double Wall HDPE Pipe Fittings Wellbore DN200 - DN2600 11          




Q: What is the purpose of this pipeline?
A: It is mainly used to transport liquids, and is used on a large scale in urban water supply projects, farmland irrigation, etc.


Q: After reading your FAQ, I am very satisfied. How can I start buying my order?
A: Please contact our sales manager by email or phone, thank you.


Q: What are raw materials?


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